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Our Mission:

Help Real Estate Investors Scale.

Greenwealth exists to provide support to real estate investors who don’t have time to waste. Through tried-and-tested tools, educational events, and one-on-one consulting, we give you all everything you need to successfully kick your portfolio up a notch – whether you’ve just bought your first property or your thirtieth.

Greenwealth is here to support real estate investors who value their time and energy.

It's the right time to contact us if:

You know you’ve hit a roadblock in your investment journey and you’re wasting time and money trying to move past it without support.
You have a specific question about your portfolio or a certain property.
You want more info on our services and to find out if we’ll be the right fit for you.
This is the 5th time you’re looking through our site – take the first step and reach out.
You don’t want to plan and manage everything alone anymore.
You’re finally in a place where you know you can invest in support that’ll pay itself back tenfold.

What makes us different?

Here at Greenwealth, there are no secrets. With a combined 19 years of knowledge and (add number) investment loans funded in the last year alone, we’re uniquely positioned to pass on our expertise to help you scale efficiently and effectively.

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Meet The Experts

Kyle Green - Founder

Kyle Green is no stranger to a real estate investment deal. He’s been an investment property specialist since 2008 and is a go-to resource for financing investment properties in Canada.

Kyle owns Green Mortgage, a top 25 Mortgage Brokerage since 2017, providing Residential & Commercial Mortgages across Canada. In 2019, he published his book: Rockstar Real Estate Investing, an instant Amazon Best Seller. He continues to be one of the most sought-after speakers on mortgages for real estate investors, brokerages, and media outlets.

Kyle founded Greenwealth to give investors more value when scaling their real estate portfolios. Through it, he aims to provide an educational platform for aspiring investors through portfolio managers.

Michael Browne

Michael Browne is a specialized investment property broker. He’s been mentored by Kyle himself in the nuances of investment property financing and is skilled in financing & structuring real estate investment portfolios. Over the past 3 years, he has funded 236 loans for Green Mortgage, totalling a combined $137 million in mortgages.

Alongside his talent for financing, Michael is skilled in advising clients on optimizing their portfolios, as well as building out tools to help clients analyze investment strategies. He’s actively working with investors on his own real estate portfolio, working towards buying multi-unit properties.

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Have questions?
Allow Greenwealth to advise you.

If you have goals to reach and a real estate investment portfolio to grow, don’t waste any more time making excuses and thinking about what-ifs. It’s time to take action and find the best support possible to get you back on track.