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Here at Greenwealth, we offer real estate investment support for every type of investor, at any point in their journey. Whether you’d like to expand your knowledge and put your all into building your portfolio, you’re a seasoned pro who just needs a specific question answered, or you’re looking for full hands-on support to get you your time back, we can help.

Our coaching and consulting options aim to guide you past inevitable roadblocks, helping you to build a strategic game plan that aligns with your goals and succeeds within an ever-evolving real estate market.

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Our Services

Property Review

Want guidance on your next move? We can support you. Through this service, we’ll discuss your goals, plans, and current portfolio, and figure out whether the property or project you’re looking at is aligned. You gain in-depth decision-making advice to help you progress your investment portfolio in the best direction. From here, we can help you figure out the best financing option and plan of action – and as expert brokers, we know what that looks like.

Portfolio Review

Want to know if your portfolio is in tip-top shape and aligned with your investment goals? As experienced brokers and finance experts, we can tell you. Through reviewing your portfolio, we can gather info and show you their current financial performance. We can share with you key areas to maximize your ROI, lower your expenses, and improve your portfolio performance. By reviewing your portfolio, you’re better able to future-proof yourself against a changing market and save more money overall.


This option is for you if you’re looking to scale your portfolio but don’t have time to work on mundane financing tasks. Unlike other consultants in the real estate space, we are finance experts first, with years of experience structuring portfolios for growth. We’ll take care of the financing and optimization, so you can focus on the overall growth. Through regular updates, reviews, and technical team leadership, you stay above the noise and on track.


If you’re more of a hands-on, do-it-yourself investor, who wants to expand their expertise with the right support, our coaching options will be ideal. We offer 1-hour sessions to provide you with specific advice on anything real estate, from business plan reviews to problem analysis – whatever will bring you clarity and increase your knowledge. We’re also expanding educational events to help you learn the most effective tools and strategies to manage your portfolio solo.

Greenwealth is here to support real estate investors who value their time and energy.

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You want more info on our services and to find out if we’ll be the right fit for you.
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You don’t want to plan and manage everything alone anymore.
You’re finally in a place where you know you can invest in support that’ll pay itself back tenfold.

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If you have goals to reach and a real estate investment portfolio to grow, don’t waste any more time making excuses and thinking about what-ifs. It’s time to take action and find the best support possible to get you back on track.